¡ULTIMA HORA! Trump ataca al pueblo “colombiano” diciendo que son “una especie a extinguir” No te pierdas sus declaraciones


Donald Trump arremete contra  la sociedad “colombiana”  transmitiendo una vez más su patética actitud y xenofobia absoluta contra todos ellos.

¡No te pierdas el vídeo y compártelo con todos para que vean la clase de persona que es este señor!


We always bring them news about the various products that are on the market, and wesometimes forget that you among such a variety of insurance, one is lost and does notunderstand well what kind of insurance are talking about. Why are going to started toremember the different types of insurance that exist, continue through life insurance.
This method has as main purpose the protection of the family or loved ones of the insuredin case of death from any cause (illness or accident). Therefore, once produced the death,the insurer pays beneficiaries previously specified by the insured, a certain sum in Exchange for the premium which has been paid.
Through the life insurance, beneficiaries, usually dependent of the insured members canprevent the loss of revenues that this provided for them. Life insurance becomes part of theinheritance.

Life insurance are very recognizable products by the user of a foot. A product known for itspresence in the insurance market is a product of assurance that comes with us since a longtime, and, unlike insurance models, but, at the same time, that we ignore many basic things.When we want to take out life insurance it is interesting that we acquire at least basicknowledge about this type of product.

These basic knowledge should not only refer to what is and represents a safe life, but also tothe different types of insurance that can be found in the market, its operation, and of coursethe model to which they relate in terms of hiring, premiums, etc.

Let’s, first of all, review the basics about what is and what it means life insurance, as well asbasic questions about its operation.
What to keep in mind before hiring life insurance

What is a life insurance

Life insurance is a personal insurance that provide coverage on the risk of death of theinsured, in the event of death or survival to the termination or expiration of the insurance policy taken out in case of life.

Life insurance aims to ensure beneficiaries of the insured unemployment benefit after theconditions of recruitment.
The basic parts that distinguish those who intervene in this insurance are insured, that iswho gets the coverage and above the pivots insurance, the policyholder who subscribes tosafe and liable for the payment of the premium and that, in case of death, need the consentof the insured to the insurance contract, and finally the beneficiary who receives thecompensation paid by the insurance company in case of given conditions life or deathaccording to it has contracted.

It is important to point out that the policyholder with a duration that is longer than the sixmonths a can solve this insurance within 15 days counted from the insurer delivery policy,the resolutions must be submitted in writing usually give coverage of the risk by the insurerfrom the abovementioned date, here being obligated to refund premiums if had given bysatisfied to date.

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